The impact of Generative AI on the evolution of workplace learning with David James

Chief Learning Officer at 360Learning, David James joins the show to share his expertise and insights in Generative AI. David sheds light on why Generative AI is not simply a shortcut to faster and cheaper courses, but rather a disruptive force. He also talks about reinventing the learning process, the role of reflection, and how to not make your job redundant.

AI augmentation of L&D with Josh Cavalier

In this episode, we explore the importance of having a baseline knowledge of AI in the field of L&D. Today’s guest is Josh Cavalier, who is helping people in L&D utilise AI tools effectively. Tune in as we delve into the concept of using AI to enhance our strengths and compensate for weaknesses, prompt engineering techniques for AI and delivering high-quality results.

Rethinking the future of work and learning with JD Dillon

In this episode of the Learning While Working podcast, Robin speaks with JD Dillon about the impact of AI on the future of work, and the importance of not being short-sighted with this technology. There is an ever-increasing need for critical thinking, and trust, transparency, and collaboration are key factors in AI adoption. JD encourages L&D professionals to engage with stakeholders and align their strategies with the organisation's vision for AI.

Start of the series on AI and L&D

This is the start of a series on AI in L&D. The series is exploring what people are doing now with AI, what people are thinking about, and what people are learning.

In this episode, we kick off the series where Robin does an interview with ChatGPT on transforming learning at work. The voice is generated by ElevenLabs.

If you are interested, it might be easier to read the blog post along with the podcast, than listening to the computer generated voice.

Modern learning ecosystems with JD Dillon

JD Dillon joins the Learning While Working to discuss his modern learning ecosystem framework and its importance in a constantly changing environment. JD delves into tactics for influencing different departments, reinforcement and retention mechanisms, and why we need to eliminate the need for formal learning.

Leading change in hybrid work environments with Amanda Page

Amanda Page joins the show to discuss the possibilities of leading change in hybrid work environments. Amanda Page is a change expert and coach. She works with leaders across different industries to accelerate change. Tune in as we unpack strategies for change management, building a sense of belonging in the workplace, setting boundaries, and change management training.

Strategies for navigating complexity with Greg Evans

In this episode, we explore adaptive leadership with Greg Evans from the Nous Group. We will delve into the challenges organisations face in developing adaptive capabilities and how learning and development professionals can play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges. Greg shares his insights on designing effective learning experiences, fostering a culture of adaptability, and leveraging techniques like the case-in-point approach for meaningful growth.

Increasing learning retention with Sheila B. Robinson

Retrieval practice is a technique used in teaching as a way of getting people to generate ideas and think actively. In this episode of the Learning While Working podcast we are joined by an expert in this field, Sheila B. Robinson, who is a speaker, educator, and consultant. We discuss some key retention strategies, how to incorporate them into your learning design, the benefits of the ‘Spacing Effect’, and Sheila’s top advice with where to begin.

Using learning campaigns to effectively drive behaviour change with Lynne McNamee

Lynne is a learning experience designer and marketing professional. She joins the Learning While Working podcast to discuss the intersection of marketing and learning, and how the principles of marketing can be applied to learning. It is a fascinating topic where we also delve into the role of learning campaigns, ways to personalise learning from personas, and catering for the next generation.

Develop the skills of your people with Malcolm Taylor

Malcom Taylor, the Senior People Development Manager at Met Office UK joins the Learning While Working podcast to talk about how they have established the People Framework as a way to support the learning and development of their staff. It was a fascinating conversation where we also delved into the role of openness and trust, how to be seen as more than just a training department, what makes a ‘Good Met Office Citizen’, and Conole’s 7 Cs of learning.